The New York Post named kajeet one of the hottest gadgets for this upcoming school season. “Angry birds without the angry parents,” the article said, referencing kajeet’s free parental controls and affordable pricing.

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kajeet, the smart phone for kids

Liz Gumbinner of stopped by “The Today Show” to help parents develop affordable wishlists for the coolest and most kid-friendly gear this back-to-school season. She believes kajeet phones provide a gateway for kids and parents to communicate safely with sophisticated technology, as well as for kids to get cool, real-world smartphones  for an out-of-this-world price!

kajeet, the smart phone for kids

Betty Casey, managing editor of “Tulsa Kids,” recently appeared on Channel KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma to provide parents with a checklist of new products that will lend themselves to a safe and enjoyable school year for both parents and kids. She raves about kajeet smartphones, saying they are perfect for parents because of the no-contract service, web filtering settings (Smart Blocker™), and user-friendly spectrum of parental controls.

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kajeet, the smart phone for kids

Mary Burt-Godwin of the “Mama Mary Show” recently stopped by the morning show on Fox 5 in San Diego to talk about her favorite back-to-school must haves — and kajeet was included!

Mary raved about the variety of kajeet smart phones available, as well as the free parental controls. Click here to watch Mary’s segment and hear what she has to say about kajeet!

kajeet, the smart phone for kids

Kajeet in the Sacramento Bee!

September 20, 2011

The buzz is out!

Kajeet was recently featured in an article in the Sacramento Bee that addressed what parents may want to consider before getting their kid his or her first cell phone. Among the many topics discussed were ways parents can manage cell phone use – and how kajeet makes this simple with our free parental controls. Click here to see what else makes kajeet a popular pick for parents!

kajeet – the safest cell phone for kids

Check out the kajeet Certified Refurbished Samsung m320!

We’re excited to add another reliable phone from Samsung to our line up (and just in time for back to school season!). This stylish red flip phone comes stocked with great features including:

• A digital zoom camera
• Bluetooth™ wireless technology
• Voice dialing capability
• A speakerphone for hands-free talking
• Free, unlimited kajeet parental controls

All this for just $44.99!

What do you think of our newest phone?

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Parents – are you ready to kick off the school year?

Because there are plenty of ways you can proactively make this easier for your kid – and for yourself! Parenting expert Shannon Eis recently shared tips on ways to make the transition from summer to fall on CBS’s The Early Show. And one of her recommendations for staying safe and in touch was a cell phone from kajeet. You can read more about why she picked kajeet here.

Does your back to school supply list include a cell phone? Let us know!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

Back to School Prep

August 27, 2009

by Carol Politi

TimeManagerAs you are populating your calendar with all the school activities for the fall, take a few minutes to add school blocks and holidays to the TimeManager for your kid’s kajeet phone (go to, Configurator, TimeManager to do this).  You can block calls and messages during school hours and after certain times of night to make sure your kids focus on school and are not interrupted at night with texts or calls from friends.   (Note that your emergency or “always allowed” numbers will get through a calendar block).

This is also a great time to get familiar with the site – especially Account Activity which gives you a detailed list of how the phone is being used at various times of day.  It will let you know if your child is using picture messaging and whether it might be useful to do some coaching on cell phones and pictures.  If you have a teen that is driving, you can check Account Activity to make sure the phone is not being used while your teen is driving.

Good luck with back to school!

In Case of Emergency

August 13, 2009

by Carol Politi

Originally developed by first responders in the UK, In Case of Emergency – ICE – is a system whereby people program their cell phones with “In Case of Emergency” contact information that first responders (and others) can use.   A great article on this was published recently in the Cookeville Times – “Cell Phones Keep Kids Safe“.

Back to school is a great time to program your child’s phone with ICE contacts.  In the “name” field on the contact list in the phone, enter ICE plus the name of the person (ICE Mom, ICE Dad, ICE Grandma, etc.).  Come to think of it – perhaps we should all program our phones with ICE contacts!

By Carol Politi

The back to school retail season has definitely started.  I have already hit Target & Amazon to stock up on the back to school lists for my two kids.  The stores are busy!

If you know of friends with tweens or young teens looking for a phone for back to school, please tell them about kajeet.  kajeet is the only phone just for kids with service starting at $4.99 – perfect for that safety phone in the backpack.  And for older kids the unlimited texting plan with 150 minutes for $19.99 can provide real savings.  Our phones are available on and

If you are an existing customer, make sure to tell the people you refer to kajeet to put in referral code 102962 & your kajeet cell phone number when they activate.  You will get $10 in credit to your kajeet account.  There is no limit to how many referrals you can make – 10 referrals will get your $100 in the phone wallet!  (Remember – you can put that in the parent wallet and use it just when you need it).


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