Text Your Teen

March 20, 2009

by Carol Politi

The SunSentinal had a great article recently  called “Texting your teens to the family dinner table“.   The article discusses more than text – it really addresses how to get kids engaged in the dinner time routine.  I love the idea of getting kids involved with making dinner, and suggesting that they invite a friend over for dinner and study hour is also worth trying.   They had some good ideas on how to integrate text communications in a way that could make dinner time involvement fun.

Some of these ideas might challenge parents that are not experienced texters.  kajeet has a tool that can make it easy to text your kid’s kajeet phone.  To text your kid from your computer, just login to MyKajeet and select “send a text message” from the dashboard (under “Phone” in your kid’s section of the dashboard).

I also recently found a a site called WuduPls that makes it easy to setup text reminders for your whole family.  The site allows you to set up a list of numbers that you might want to text on a frequent basis – and allows you to write texts and schedule them for a later time.

Try texting your teen to dinner and let us know how it works out!


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