Check out the kajeet Certified Refurbished Samsung m320!

We’re excited to add another reliable phone from Samsung to our line up (and just in time for back to school season!). This stylish red flip phone comes stocked with great features including:

• A digital zoom camera
• Bluetooth™ wireless technology
• Voice dialing capability
• A speakerphone for hands-free talking
• Free, unlimited kajeet parental controls

All this for just $44.99!

What do you think of our newest phone?

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Green Tip of the Week

October 5, 2009

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

“Host a Clothing Swap”

Update your closet and help the planet by hosting a clothing swap.  Get friends together with clothes they don’t want and exchange.  Check out for a clothes swap in your area.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen.

(Of course, talk to Mom before you give anything away!)

What do you do with clothing your kids outgrow?  Let us know your tips!

Green Tip of the Week

September 11, 2009

The Green Teenby Carol Politi

Recycle Your Shirts

Got a shirt you just don’t wear?  Before you toss it in the trash, pass it on to a friend or a local thrift store.  If it is worn out, cut it up and use it as rags around the house.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

As we post these tips on the handset, I’m finding myself thinking that my mom did these things naturally when I was growing up.   Reusing clothes, bags, etc. and donating lightly used items were all a second nature to her.

I also noted in a recent trip to Toronto that everyone was carrying grocery bags to the store – and that I was not even offered a bag when I checked out.  People that had only a few items simply carried the items.  There are great trends here that if replicated could vastly reduce the waste we generate!

Please comment & let us know what your family does to reuse or otherwise prevent things from ending up in landfills.

Green Tip of the Week

July 28, 2009

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

This week’s Green Tip on the kajeet phone is:

On the Go?

On the go? Try to limit the paper napkins, plastic silverware and cups. If you are taking a drink like juice or water on the road, carry a reusable mug to minimize the waste.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

We are working at eliminating disposable containers of any form at my house.  For the longest time it was just so easy to grab a plastic bag to cover food or to carry a kid’s snack.  And those small applesauce containers seemed indispensable.

But now we are focused on making use of reusable containers and we are working to eliminate plastic bags entirely.  My son’s school pushed us in this direction with its No Waste Wednesday program.  The kids are asked to eliminate any and all waste on that day – and once we started in this direction we simply expanded it to every day of the week.  The applesauce turned out to be a snap  – we now buy it in larger containers and send it to school in smaller reusable containers.  We are saving money while saving the environment – not bad.

What techniques have you found useful in working to eliminate disposables?

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

Here is the Green Tip published on the phone this week for kajeet subscribers:

“Buy Local.

Do you know where your food comes from and how far it travels to get to your plate?  Evan organic food will cause environmental damage if it is flown from overseas or trucked across the country.  If possible, buy local in-season foods.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen.

Green TeenBy Carol Politi

This week’s green tip on the kajeet phone is:

“Save your parents time and money by researching their green shopping options for them.  Check out local stores and the web to find sources for green goods and then use your info to create a buying guide for your family.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

Given the high focus placed on greening schools, I think many parents are learning how to be  bit more green from their kids.  My son’s school has  great program called “No Waste Wednesdays” which they are using to introduce the concept of no waste in lunch boxes.  They promote re-usable containers (no plastic bags) and eliminating single serving containers.   (If you have ever volunteered at a kids lunch hour you know the volumes of waste can be astounding).  It has worked in our household!  The kids push back when you use a plastic bag.  And once you have the containers, moving from Wednesdays to every day is actually pretty easy.

Has your child given you any green tips?  Do they like our Green Tips channel on the phone?  Please let us know!

tgtcoverby Carol Politi

kajeet customers know that we have launched a “Green Tips” channel on the phone that provides a new tip each week to kids to get them thinking about how they affect the environment.  In addition to publishing the tips on our handset, I’m publishing them on the blog each week.

Here is this week’s Green Tip:

“Save money and the planet by purchasing items in bulk whenever possible. Buying in bulk is cheaper than purchasing several smaller items and it will minimize the amount of packaging that you need to toss.”

Tips by Jenn Savedge, Author of The Green Teen

tgtcoverby Carol Politi

kajeet is collaborating with environmentalist and author Jenn Savedge to get the word out to kids that they can positively affect our environment through their actions.  We have launched a “Green Tips” channel on the phone that provides a new tip each week to kids to get them thinking about how they affect the environment and what they can do to minimize their environmental impact.  The tips are easy to find – they are linked to from our Navigator web home page on the handset – and they free and available to all kajeet subscribers.

Jenn has provided the tips to us from her new book – “The Green Teen, the Eco-Friendly Teen’s Guide to Saving the Planet“.    In addition to publishing these tips on the kajeet phones, I’ll be publishing them on the blog each week.  Our tip this week is:

Rent, Borrow, or Swap – Use the 24 hour rule when shopping and ask yourself if you really need to buy it.  Could you rent, borrow, or swap with a friend instead?  If not, give yourself 24 hours to think it over.  If you still want it, go back and get it.    Tip byJenn Savedge, author of “The Green Teen“.

Jenn is also the author “The Green Parent” blog which is  a wealth of information about how to inspire earth-friendly living.

Please let us know how you work with your kids to help inspire them toward earth-friendly living.  We would love to hear your tips!

by Carol Politi

kajeet was evaluated by a team of parents at PTPA Media recently. They tested out virtually everything including our parental controls, our services and our pricing – and generally critically evaluated us from a mom’s point of view.

The PTPA concept is the have parent reviewers test parenting products to make it easier for busy parents to make good decisions when they buy products for their kids. I wish I had seen the “teething bling” when my kids were babies. I also love the “My 411 Wristbands” – it can be so easy to get separated from a child in a place such as an amusement park. And rinseless shampoo would sound too good to be true if I did not know how thoroughly the parent reviewers put each product through their paces.

The good news is that they awarded kajeet the Parent Tested, Parent Approvied Seal! kajeet is the only cell phone service to win this award. We are thrilled that the PTPA parent evaluators liked our service.

Take a look at the PTPA Media website to check out other award winning products for parents and kids (including a large array of organic products). You can also sign up to be one of their parent evaluators and be the first to see new parenting products when they come out.

It’s Greener On The Web

August 19, 2008

No, kajeet is not launching a new broccoliphone. We’re just thinking more about our own relationship to the environment, about how we can be ever more green.

One major thing we’re doing is focusing more of our sales efforts on the Web, and less on stores. This is better for the environment in three ways. First, there’s less shipping involved when a customer purchases kajeet from our web site. This is because we can ship it to you directly. If it is sold through a retail outlet, we have to ship it to a retail distribution center, and then it has to be shipped – again – to the retail store. That’s a lot of extra shipping for the package that hangs from a hook on a retail shelf.

Second, marketing efforts on the Web simply use less paper. We don’t have to print huge quantities of four-color brochures or “header-cards” that are needed to catch the attention of customers in a retail store.

And, finally, we don’t have to drive around from retail store to retail store making sure our packages are in stock and properly displayed. That saves driving no small number of miles in this enormous country of ours.

Another thing we’re doing is making it easier for customers (or anyone, for that matter) to recycle their old cell phones. We help you do this at And we pay the postage for you to send in your phone. I think there’s much more we can do to promote cell phone recycling, which has many benefits. I’ll have more to say about our cell phone recycling efforts soon.

If you think about it, cell phones in general can help us all be more efficient with our scarce resources. Have you ever used your cell phone to save time, or save a trip, by coordinating with a family member or friend when and where to meet? If you did, you did something green, something that made more efficient use of your car and your increasingly expensive gasoline (and probably your time, as well).

Can we do even more? No doubt. We’re thinking about how. Please let me know if you have ideas about how kajeet can be even greener. We’re listening.


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