Talkin’ (The Good Kind Of) Trash

September 5, 2008

by Daniel Neal


One of our good friends out in the blogosphere, Michelle Lamar – and her friend, Molly Wendland – just published their new book, “The White Trash Mom Handbook“.  We are very excited for Michelle and Molly.  Their book is right there for sale on the Big Table Up Front at our local Barnes & Noble.  Any parent who can find the time to achieve that is a big deal.

Michelle, who is a serious parenting  guru in our book (and lots of fun to read), is one of the earliest kajeet supporters.  Now, because kajeet was founded by parents, and most (though not quite all) of us who work here are parents, we pay attention to parental publishing events like this.

Learn a littel more about Michelle and her world at  We’re wishing Michelle huge success with her new book!

For those who don’t live near a Barnes & Noble, or who just want to save a car trip, you can get a copy here on good ol’ Amazon.

We’re hoping Michelle and Wendy find time for a book tour that takes them to some very relaxing, non-trashy places…

One Response to “Talkin’ (The Good Kind Of) Trash”

  1. THANK YOU for the nice words and for helping us spread the word that parenting doesn’t have to mean PERFECT. You Kajeet gurus are great—-I say that as a blogger and a paying customer:) Thanks again!

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