Text That Grade!

September 15, 2008

by Daniel Neal


Lots of people in the US look to the UK to try and predict what cell phone trends might be coming our way. We’re among that crowd.

So it caught our eye when Cellular News reported that the UK Government’s education technology agency, Becta, conducted a survey that showed over two-thirds of parents want their schools to use texting and the Internet to communicate with them more frequently. Now there’s an idea.

It really is a sign that time marches on. Our kids keep getting older (amazingly, mine just entered 4th and 6th grades), and parents are increasingly likely to be Gen X-ers with MySpace pages (and a fondness for texting). Gen Y parents of middle-schoolers are not so far behind…

As a certified Baby Boomer, I confess that I still like getting those hard-copy school updates and reports in my kids’ “backpack mail.” But if my kids’ teachers have something important to tell me, they can text me all they want…

One Response to “Text That Grade!”

  1. test Says:

    nice article, not sure if it will ever take off here

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