Frogpond and Some Great New Sites…

November 26, 2008


We recently put kajeet up for evaluation at a BzzAgent site called FrogPond. The site is somewhat like a StumbleUpon – though more targeted and tailored to promoting evaluation, feedback, and referrals from a group of Buzz Agents that frequent the site.

We launched on Frogpond on Friday – and immediately began getting real-time evaluations of our site and our service from an array of Frogpond “Agents”. They are providing great reviews, referring new customers, and submitting ideas for new kajeet services. They are also pointing out a number of areas where we could be making it easier for potential customers to understand our offering. You will be seeing results soon on our site!

As a bonus, I’ve found all sorts of interesting things on Frogpond. One is a site called MokuGift that lets you give a “gift tree” – it sends an email to whoever you are gifting telling them you planted a tree (or 2, or 3) for their present. Every tree you plan costs only one dollar!

The “One Laptop Per Child” initiative is also on Frogpond. This is an initiative that provides children in developing countries with rugged, low cost, and low power computers – “with software designed for self-empowered learning”. The laptops use only 4 watts of power (compared to 40 watts in the average laptop). Their “Give one, Get Oneinitiative allows you to both give a laptop to a child in a developing country, and get one for your own child – for only $399. What a great way to do a good deed and buy a holiday gift at the same time.

Check Frogpond out and let me know what you think.  Have a great Thanksgiving…

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  1. Carol Politi Says:

    Quick update – I just bought my first gift tree at MokuGift (www.mokugift.com). What a great service!

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