Kids, Sleep – and Texting Controls!

June 10, 2009

By Carol Politi


“Teens whose parents let them stay up after midnight on weeknights have a much higher chance of being depressed or suicidal than teens whose parents enforce an earlier bedtime, says research being presented today at a national sleep conference.” from an article in today’s USA Today.

It is hard to be a kid today – there are so many distractions. And this study is shocking with respect to the impact of sleep deprivation.  One extract:

“Middle- and high-schoolers whose parents don’t require them to be in bed before midnight on school nights are 42% more likely to be depressed than teens whose parents require a 10 p.m. or earlier bedtime. And teens who are allowed to stay up late are 30% more likely to have had suicidal thoughts in the past year.”

Cell phones – while typically acquired for safety purposes – can be a distraction at night. Even kids that mean to play by the rules have a hard time not picking up a phone when a text comes in at 11, 12, or later…

If you are a kajeet customer, you have tools that can help your child avoid this kind of distraction. You can set your TimeManager controls to block calls, texts, and pictures during sleeping hours. To do this you simply login to your kajeet account, click on the Configurator, and then set up TimeManager controls.

If you need assistance with setting up any of your kajeet controls, please contact customer care at 1-866-452-5338. They will be happy to set the account up for you.

Note that both kajeet and non-kajeet customers can also put a policy in place where all cell phones are left in a certain place each night – far from the bedrooms. Ideally they would be shut off so they can’t ring and distract anyone in the house. This is an honor policy and might just be too tempting for some kids – if so – consider the controls above!

How do you make sure your kids get enough sleep? We would love to hear your tips.

3 Responses to “Kids, Sleep – and Texting Controls!”

  1. Brooke Donaldson Says:

    my 12 year old has a phone that is kept in the living room at night.. i check it every morning to see if any one has tried to call through the night… we are ordering her the kajeet this week mainly for the parental controls.

  2. Linda D Says:

    This feature is great! I’m tired of asking for the phone every nite! sometimes I forget, and sure enough at 1 or 2 in the morning a the phone is ringing. Thanks for thinking of this feature.

  3. What a cool feature! I also love the built-in GPS locator. My kids aren’t quite at the age (3 and 6) where they need me to monitor their calls yet, but it’s nice to know that if he got lost or (heaven forbid) someone took him, that having a Kajeet phone in his pocket could possibly help us locate him.

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