Testing New Plans!

July 2, 2009

By Carol Politi

We have been listening to our customer’s feedback on our rate plans and as a result are testing customer interest in two new plans.  These are not available generally on our website while we are testing; however, we are happy to make them available to any current kajeet customer that might be interested.  Here are the details:

1.  Unlimited Talk N’ Text! We have heard from many parents of older teens that their kids need unlimited talk and text, and have heard from parents that are interested in taking advantage of our service themselves that they would be interested in this offer.

2.  30 Minute Plan – for only $6.99/month!   We have also heard that many customers want a basic starter plan that includes about a minute a day – just enough to call on the way home from the bus stop for those kids walking solo for the first time.  We have packaged this into a $6.99/month plan.

Please feedback and let us know what you think!  As usual, if these plans turn out to be popular with our customers we will work to find a way to incorporate them into our standard rate plan options.

If you already have a kajeet phone (or if you are purchasing a phone through one of our mom sales team consultants), just call kajeet customer care after you activate and they will be happy to put you on one of these plans.

(Plans are being tested through September 30th and customers that select one of these plans can remain on the plan they selected even if we do not make it a standard rate plan option).

15 Responses to “Testing New Plans!”

  1. Samuel Says:

    thanks so much for the unlimited talk & text plan.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    My daughters wallet was at zero so I added what I thought was enough money to her walled to purchase a talk & text plan. But when the info was updated in the wallet manager I was automatically charged the 32 cents daily access charge. Subsequently there was not enough money in the wallet to purchase the plans I wanted. At this time we can only add money in increments of $5.00 which will leave you short of 32 cents when you go to purchase plans. I felt like I was short changed…

  3. mia Says:

    Thats Not Even Helping The Children

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Mia.

    The 30 minute/month plan ($6.99) we are testing has been designed for the younger kids that are getting a first time phone and for budget conscious parents looking for an safety phone for their kids. This plan responds to parents interested in getting a plan that provides a set of “check-in” minutes every month (e.g., for that daily call after school) for a very cost effective rate (with the set of minutes being larger than that provided by our existing $4.99 plan).

    On the other side of the spectrum is the unlimited talk and text plan. This is is of course not intended to serve younger kids. We have feedback that there are some number of kids on the kajeet plan that are older but whose parents are still paying for their plans. They may be in high school and have their own jobs or are heading off to college. Our security features are popular with their parents (GPS and call and text blocking) but these kids tend to talk and text a lot, and therefore need something that is more unlimited in nature. The unlimited test is designed to see if there are enough customers interested in this plan to have it make sense to put in place as a formal solution.

  5. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for commenting. Your comment makes me see that we need to communicate better (at a minimum) to make sure customers know how to best renew their monthly plans.

    Here is some background on why you were charged. We have an option for a daily plan for those users that do not want one of our monthly plans. If you are on a monthly plan that automatically recurs you will never see this option and will not experience this fee. However, if you are on a monthly plan that does not automatically recur, the daily plan kicks in when the monthly plan is finished so that service is not disrupted. Because the monthly plan expired you ended up on that daily plan automatically – and this resulted in the daily charge when you renewed service.

    There are two options for making sure you do not end up on the daily plan. First, you can sign up for a recurring plan. In this case your plan will automatically renew before it expires each month. However, if you would prefer to manually purchase your plan, you can renew (or purchase) another plan before your plan expires (e.g., on the last day).

    We at a minimum need to describe better how this works to ensure there are no surprises. It would be great if we could target the refill money directly to a plan and/or allow users to sign up for a plan as they refill – this would be a longer term enhancement but I’ll make sure it gets considered.

    I’ve asked our customer care to reach out to you as well. Thank you for your feedback.


  6. tami Says:

    just switched my son fron iwireless to kajeet i love the plan $20 is better we were paying $50 for his iwiress ,iwire i like them but they dont have prepay plans that fit everyone. i am thinking of switching my daughter she just wants to text dont ever talk so that plan she would love. my son likes his but i was wondering do you have one simular but unlimited talk with 300text he would rather talk.and if they both are geting this service if you keep the $50 plan my boyfriend and i would probley switch also were already paying $50 there might as well come ware kids are only thing iwire does sell unlimited buy the week witch is nice when short on cash…so would you maybe make a family plan if we were to switch ware kids and have like a bundle plan if so let me know ,thank u

  7. Carol Politi Says:

    I’m so glad you are happy with kajeet! Unfortunately we don’t have an unlimited talk-only plan – most of our customers are frequent texters so we have been moving to more text-centric plans. I will field this request into product, however, to see if there is potential for a frequent talker plan in the future. Note that we do have a 450 minute plan for $39.99 – you can select that once you have an account set up. He could use that plan with the 10c/text or $4.99/200 text option.

    Note that if you purchase a phone now and select the $50 unlimited plans we are testing, you can stay on those plans (even if we don’t decide to market them pertinently). In other words, customers that test any of our new plans get to stay on these for the life of their account – they don’t lose their plan after the test is over.

  8. Dan Says:

    This comment probably doesn’t belong in this thread, but I didn’t see anywhere else that seemed better. This is in regard to the enhanced IM functionality. I saw in the navigator page that it now says “IM using AIM, Yahoo, Facebook” (option 6). However, when you go into that option, it describes the new service as “With mobile IM on Kajeet, you can…on Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and AIM”. It would be interesting to know which services are truly supported now. It would also be nice if there was a free month option (like with GPS locator) so one could try it out, or at least see what services work.


  9. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Dan,

    The IM service supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace IM, ICQ, and Facebook. We do offer a first month free so you can try this out and see if you like it. Just login to your kajeet account on the web and go to the Configurator, and then to Feature Manager. Within Feature Manager you can select “Purchase Monthly Unlimited Subscription”. The first time you subscribe to IM you will receive a 1 month free trial.

    You can also enable or disable purchasing of IM from the handset from Feature Manager.

    I appreciate your comment – and I will take a look at how we describe this service to see if we can clarify what comes with the subscription.


  10. Jessica Gaeta Says:

    I was wondering if this unlimited deal is still available? I have the unlimited text and 150min deal and I was wondering if I still could buy this one?

  11. Dan Says:

    Hello – another comment on expanded services. You know what would be really nice? A printer-friendly view of the account activity. I print it out every month and it’s a painstaking process of printing each page one by one. It would be great if there was a “print report” button that displayed a printer-friendly multi-page detail of all the month’s activity.

    Another option would be to make it exportable. If I could click one button and export all the month’s activity to Excel, that would be great too!


  12. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Jessica,

    We just made the $50 unlimited plan available again. When we originally tested this plan we found, not surprisingly, that it was not that popular with kids. However, it turns out that some of our kajeet parents and some of the older teens on our plans really liked the $50 unlimited option.

    We have therefore made it available again.

    New customers can click on the $50 plan page to access the offer when they purchase a phone.

    Existing customers can select this plan by calling care at 1-866-452-5338. Just ask them to put you on the $50 unlimited plan.


  13. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Both of these are great ideas. I’ll submit these to our product team.

    You will see new Surfing options coming out soon and enhancements to the Navigator deck on the handset – so stay tuned! We also have enhancements to the parent dashboard under works – these will be coming out after the holidays.

    (Note we are going into a holiday freeze on the product side shortly. The holidays are busy times and we try to avoid making system changes when we are activating a lot of new customers. We therefore put a hold on new product features from mid-November through January).

  14. Dan Says:

    Nice job on the mobile web implementation! Congratulations. I think a nice compliment to the new service would be a mobile browsing pak. I would be the first to sign up for a monthly charge of $10 for unlimited (similar to other PAYGO’s like BOOST) rather than the somewhat steep per MB price.

    Again, nice job!

  15. Carol Politi Says:


    Thanks for the feedback! We are definitely going to launch bundles – stay tuned for these. I’ll be posting shortly with some rules of thumb on what you get for your $$ and details on how the parental controls work.


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