Bonus for Each kajeet Referral

August 10, 2009

By Carol Politi

The back to school retail season has definitely started.  I have already hit Target & Amazon to stock up on the back to school lists for my two kids.  The stores are busy!

If you know of friends with tweens or young teens looking for a phone for back to school, please tell them about kajeet.  kajeet is the only phone just for kids with service starting at $4.99 – perfect for that safety phone in the backpack.  And for older kids the unlimited texting plan with 150 minutes for $19.99 can provide real savings.  Our phones are available on kajeet.com and Amazon.com.

If you are an existing customer, make sure to tell the people you refer to kajeet to put in referral code 102962 & your kajeet cell phone number when they activate.  You will get $10 in credit to your kajeet account.  There is no limit to how many referrals you can make – 10 referrals will get your $100 in the phone wallet!  (Remember – you can put that in the parent wallet and use it just when you need it).

5 Responses to “Bonus for Each kajeet Referral”

  1. […] the feed.Here’s a quick way to make $10: sign up a friend for kajeet service. Carol Politi explains in this blog post. Existing customers should hand out the referral code 102962 to enter alongside their phone numbers […]

  2. Jim J Says:

    You should market this as an adult service maybe under another name with all the same features. My current understanding of the unlimited product is that for $52.50 (tax right?) you would get unlimited minutes, unlimited text, unlimited access to Google Maps and unlimited web to limited sites at this time. Plus a $10 referral program. In addition you provide some call management features that I often see requested such as blocking a number etc. that no one else offers at least at the prepaid level.

    That’s a solid product for any age group. IMO you are leaving money on the table by limiting your target audience.

  3. Dan Says:

    re: the referral bonus. Any chance of you creating an affiliate-like link that could be used to get a friend directly to kajeet.com with the 102962+phone# so we wouldn’t have to depend on them actively entering the code?

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Dan – We do support that type of campaign code within our ecommerce store, but this is not enabled within our activation flow. (This is important because we credit you regardless of where your customer purchases the phone – they can purchase on kajeet.com, Amazon.com, through kajeet Customer Care, and through our direct Mom Sales Team.)

    Note that for customers interested in doing a lot in the way of referrals, we do have a “Mom Sales Team” (which includes its share of men) that you can join. This is an automated sales crediting program. See the following link for more information:


  5. Rae Says:

    Carol – the mom sales team is not the same as an affiliate program… I’d highly suggest you set up an affiliate program with a company like shareasale.com or CJ.com – we’d be able to bring you a lot of sales if you did.

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