kajeet Mobile Web – New!

November 13, 2009

by Carol Politi

We just launched some great new mobile web services!   This new offering provides significantly more flexibility for those that want to surf the web from their kajeet device and gives parents the ability to select the level of access they think works best for their family.

The kajeet Navigator (i.e., the browser on your phone) now has a set of free sites, a set of kid-friendly sites selected by kajeet (these cost money to access), access to social networking and IM (these cost money and are in a separately controlled category), and a category that allows you to access the web freely without controls.  The new Feature Manager on kajeet.com allows parents to control the access their kids will have to various sites on the mobile web.  Login to kajeet.com and select Configurator/Feature Manager to see the full set of options.


What does it cost?

The web services are charged based on use – $0.35 per 0.25 megabyte (each 0.25MB expires 24 hours after purchase).   What that means is that we charge you for 0.25 MB and that this is good for a day.  (Some carriers charge in MB, for comparison purposes this equates to $1.40/MB).

What on earth does 0.25 Mbyte get you and why did we take this approach?  First, it gets you:

– About 10 mobile-friendly web pages

– About 2-3 full web pages (i.e., non-mobile optimized pages)

Why did we take this approach?  It is nice to be able to, for a very small cost, casually browse the web – e.g., look at the weather once in a while.  Many of our customers just want a bit of web access and they don’t want to buy a big bundle.   (For those that are very heavy users, we will add a bundle option in the future!)

Please note: it is still free to browse our Navigator store for ringtones, games, and applications – and all kajeet users still get access to select free mobileweb sites! Access to your “MyKajeet” is also free.

We would love some input on this – so please comment here on the new features.  Your comments will directly reach our product team and they will listen to you!  We could specifically use help in the following areas:

1.  What sites would you like to see in the “free” category.  Our plan is to consistently make available at least 3 sites as part of our base service.  These need to be appropriate for kids of all ages.  We would appreciate customer feedback to help us decide if we have made the right choices.

2.  Do you know of other kid appropriate sites that should be specifically listed and made available in our “Other Great Sites” category?  This is a category of sites that again need to be appropriate for kids of all ages.  This category is a bit light at the moment and we would like to make it more robust.

Please comment here to let us know what you think, and to let us know how you would like to see these features evolve.  Thanks!

93 Responses to “kajeet Mobile Web – New!”

  1. libby Says:

    disney channal web site should be allowed

  2. jake Says:

    im a heavy web user and i thing its really nice to have unlimited web as an option or a part of the special bundle plans.

  3. Marjie Says:

    I think that the Weather Channel should always be available for safety reasons.

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for the site ideas – keep them coming! We do plan to add an option for heavy users – stay tuned on this.

  5. dylan Says:

    Thanks.. but you shoud have some kinda web packs…

  6. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for your feedback Dylan – & we agree. Packs will be great for users who are on all the time. Stay tuned – I don’t have a description or date on them yet but we will be releasing bundled options. Carol

  7. john Says:

    WHY NOT A FILTERED sensored youtube and google

  8. Bob Says:

    What are the free sites right now?

  9. Carol Politi Says:

    The free sites today are Dictionary, Google Maps, and Sports IQ.

  10. Carol Politi Says:

    We could use a kid-centric version of youtube – something like zuitube for mobile. It is possible that a mobile formatted version could work on the video-capable phones. If anyone knows of such a site, please comment here! For filtered search you either need a smartphone search application or need to add network-based software to eliminate returns that are not appropriate. The network-based software is a bit more complex, but it would work across all phones. And given that smartphones are dropping in cost, we may have one that would support such a smart search application before too long. Thanks for the input.

  11. […] kajeet has introduced a mobile Web feature. Parents will have control over this, as they do over all kajeet services. Service costs 35 cents […]

  12. Thanittha Says:

    you should include more free stuff like wallpaper and ringtone and also more! and you should not pay as much for this kind of phone!!ur being such a meanie!!! i can not pay my phone bill

  13. david Says:

    are yal adding the rumor 2? there is a picture of it on the homescreen of your website!

  14. David Says:

    when!!!! what date i was just about to buy the one for virgin mobile! thank god i didnt!!

  15. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    We hope to have this for sale on our site in short order. The device is in the last stages of qualification/acceptance testing. Ideally we would put this on the site for sale before next weekend, but if there are testing delays it could be as long as a few weeks.


  16. Alex Says:

    Well, hurry hurry hurry to the rumor 2, so I can finally buy service from you guys!!!

  17. Pete Says:

    A start but this is pretty weak . The cost is way too much .

  18. Pete Says:

    Also IM and MMS should be included with the text packs like Virgin mobile does .

  19. David Says:

    also!! can u put in a request for picture mail to be included in your texting packs or have picture mail packs. thats my only turn off from you guys.

  20. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    Take a look at my reply to Pete! We have consciously left this out and priced to make it attractive for those that want to allow pictures and IM and for those that don’t.



  21. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    I just responded to a comment on another post on this topic – I’ve copied my reply here:

    We realize that some other providers include IM and MMS in their unlimited messaging plans. We don’t include IM and MMS in our unlimited plans because many parents do not want to make these services available for their kids – and most are very price conscious on the services they purchase. We have elected to price our unlimited texting plans at aggressive price points with text only – this allows all of our customers (including those that prefer to turn off picture messaging and IM) to get service at a very affordable price point. Note that on kajeet, for $14.99/month, you are getting not only unlimited texting but also 60 minutes!!! And for $19.99 you receive unlimited texting and 150 minutes!!! Compare this with other providers and I think you will find that you can send IMs and MMS messages and still save money with kajeet.

  22. donna Says:

    Sports IQ? Dictionary? I cant believe you took wikipedia and weather away from free sites. How long before Google maps is taken away?

  23. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your comment. We are asking for feedback so we can make available the most popular 3 sites free with all service plans – and have received a few comments on weather. A lot of the kids really like Sports IQ – so it is clear that we won’t satisfy everyone with our choice. However, if people keep commenting I’ll make sure the comments all get to the product team. We take comments through this blog, through our contact us form on kajeet.com, and through customer care (1-866-452-5338).


  24. Greg Patrick Says:

    Some suggestions and questions.

    I am an adult.

    You could eliminate your 32 cents daily charge for the Basic plan and the $4.99 fee.

    How to make up the 32 cent fee back up, by allowing roaming on another network (Verizon, Cellular one, etc). In Indiana, that is a lot of places sprint does not work.

  25. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Greg,

    We turned off roaming to avoid surprises due to roaming charges – and also because the contact and calendar controls we promise for parents would not work in a roaming network.

    However, we do hear from adults that like the simplicity of our services and rate plans. In fact, we introduced our $50 unlimited plan so that we could meet the needs of the entire family. We don’t see a lot of kids that need this kind of plan, but introduced it to meet the needs of parents of kajeet customers looking to add a kajeet line for themselves.


  26. Kay Says:

    My son would choose top three as: Google Maps, Facebook, and Pandora

    I do not have a problem with any of these for his access. I can monitor his Facebook from my computer at any time. Pandora is like a free radio station that you can pick the type of music that you listen to. Google maps is great – helped me find my way more than once.

    He is very disappointed to lose Facebook. He used it every day. It made his “kids” phone better than his friends’ phones. He didn’t want a “kids” phone at first, but then his friends were jealous.

  27. stacey Says:

    im thinking about changing to your service and i’d love to see an e-book feature.

  28. david Says:

    you dont think that the rumor2 will be more than 200 dollars?

  29. Barbara Says:

    I am interested in adding myspace access to my 2 boys package…what we have right now is the 150 minutes/ unlimited text pack for $20.00 monthly.
    Is that ever going to be an option? I know it shouldnt be for the younger kids, but mine are teens and I would think for a fee it could be added when a parent requests, correct?

  30. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Barbara,

    Yes, you can make social networking available for your kids through kajeet. We have 4 levels of mobile internet access:

    1) Free sites – sites appropriate for kids of all ages
    2) “Other” kid-appropriate sites. Charged sites that are also appropriate for kids of all ages.
    3) Social Networking and IM sites. These include a full range of IM plus Facebook and MySpace.
    4) Full Internet Access. This provides open internet access (including access to 1, 2, and 3 above).

    The parental control dashboards allows you to open these up selectively based on your family rules, kid ages, etc.


  31. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    The Rumor 2 will cost $199. Note that we have a bunch of new refurbished Rumor 1 devices in stock right now – in a great variety of colors. These are great options if you don’t want to spend the higher dollars for the Rumor 2.


  32. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Stacey,

    Thanks – an ebook function would work very well on the 2700 which has a nice large screen. I’ll send this email over to product to see what applications might be available.


  33. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Kay,

    We allow access to all of those sites (but for Pandora you will have to verify it will play on his device). They are in different categories from a parental control perspective, so you may need to turn on some access in your Parental Controls on kajeet.com to allow the access on his device.

    1. Google Maps for mobile is available and it is FREE (in the free sites). This should be accessible on all phones.

    2. Facebook mobile is available in the Social Networking and IM category. This allows parents to turn this category ON or OFF. Your son can still get access to this – and in fact has full Facebook access in this category (as opposed to Facebook IM which is what was previously available). He simply needs some dollars in his wallet to spend on the Mobile Web Access.

    3. Pandora would be accessible if you allow “Full Internet Access”. Again, parents need to turn this category ON or OFF in parental controls on kajeet.com. The only concern I have here is that it may not play on all handsets. We will test this and I’ll post a note letting you know the results.


  34. David Says:

    do you know if they will get different colors in the rumor 2? if not can you please request this?

  35. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    We will definitely have the Rumor 2 in black. We are trying to get other colors but there is no guarantee.


  36. Tena Says:

    I think you should add club penguin (www.clubpenguin.com)to the free sites! Its a great site for kids to play on! My son who is 6 and my daughter who is 13 both enjoy it! I also think that facebook and myspace should be free sites.


  37. Dan Says:

    LOL…someone still uses MySpace?:)

  38. Dan Says:

    I’d like to see email mobile sites (GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc) in the free list. Another idea that would satisfy many people would be the portal sites (igoogle mobile, yahoo mobile, aol mobile, etc). This would give people a smattering of news, weather, etc for free – similar to the old AOL news connection.

    Also a question: The Google Maps application works with the service (and is free), however the GMail application doesn’t seem to work with the service. It downloaded (took a whole .25 Mb), presents a login, but never connects. All the email mobile SITES work fine, just not the GMail app. Has anyone at Kajeet tried this?


  39. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your input. It may be that it uses different networking protocols than the web applications. We are working through cases like this (so that our parental controls work uniformly across all of them) and you should see more and more of these applications available on the service over time.

    Thanks for your input on the free sites. We need to restrict free sites to those that can be made universally available to kids of all ages. These sites are not able to be turned OFF in our parental controls. Because many parents prefer to turn off messaging applications for kids at young ages we can’t put them in this FREE category.


  40. Maggie Says:

    I ordered my LG Rumor today and i have a few questions that I need to be resolved.
    1) I have the $14.99 Unlimited text and 60 min talk time. I read that google and sports IQ ect. is free. Do Facebook and Myspace cost extra?
    2)if i only use 50 mins of my 60 the first month, do they roll over into the next month?
    Thanks for reading

  41. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Maggie,

    We will maintain 3-4 free mobile internet sites. Right now these are Sports IQ, Dictionary, and Google Maps. We are looking for customer feedback to optimize this – but note that all the free sites have to be appropriate for kids of all ages.

    More details – including the price of accessing Facebook & other social networking sites – are in my recent blog posting here.

    The minutes do not roll over. Services that include rollover minutes are more expensive – and may have expensive overage fees. We encourage customers to purchase only those minutes that they need, and charge only $.10 for additional minutes.

  42. Dan Says:

    @maggie-I’m sure carol will answer as well, but to get you a quick answer: 1) yes: $.35 per .25 MB. 2) No.

  43. Maggie Says:

    Thanks a lot, Carol. That helped get alot of things straightened up.

  44. Carmen Says:

    Hello. My daughter has the pink Sanyo 2700, just a few questions.

    1) Does MySpace and Twitter cost more? My daughter is 11 and she says the websites avalible are “for babys” and that “she wants some REAL social networking sites.

    2) Do you have to pay to use Facebook?

  45. Kasey Says:

    I was wondering if we can download games and ring tones for free.

  46. lisa Says:

    Please add kajeet.com as one of the sites accessible from the handset. Definitely would be good for us parents to be able to access the kajeet.com site itself from the cell phone in order to update any info on the account, etc. Thanks!

  47. Carol Politi Says:

    Good idea – thanks for that recommendation!

  48. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Kasey,

    Ringtown and game downloads are generally not free. Standard music ringtones cost $2.49. Games vary a great deal – typical games can cost $4.99 to $6.99 per game for unlimited use. All download purchases are clearly marked and require what is called a “double opt in”. This means you will have to click “buy for $xxx” and then will be again alerted to the charge amount and asked to click “continue” or “cancel”. Once you do this a charge will apply.

    Having said this, search for “kajeet” on our Navigator (under ringtones or games) and you will find some fun free ringtones and wallpapers! Check them out.


  49. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Carmen,

    We have four categories of web sites available for kids – ranging from a few selected free sites to open internet. Other than our free sites, the internet sites (including social networking sites such as twitter and facebook) cost $0.35 per 0.25 megabyte (each 0.25MB expires 24 hours after purchase). .This amount – 0.25 Mbytes – is about 10 mobile friendly web sites. A full description of our mobile web offerings is in my recent blog post here.


  50. austin Says:

    Im am a facebook user and will facebook be allowed??

  51. Carol Politi Says:

    Yes – Facebook is allowed as long as it is turned ON in parental controls. It is under a segment of services called “Social Networking and IM”. This is OFF by default so it is necessary to login to kajeet.com and go to the Configurator, Feature Manager, and turn it ON. You must have administrator/parent access to do this.

  52. Carmen Says:

    Hello Carl, its me again, Carmen.
    So your saying that Twitter and MySpace ARE avalible, but you have to pay $35 cents for them? I still dont understand! Thank You.

  53. Senna Says:

    So i was wondering, can i get my own phone and still be on the kajeet plan?
    for example : If my phone i got from here breaks can i buy a new phone and just change the sim card?

  54. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Yes – Twitter and MySpace are available. The cost for accessing those services via the mobile web browser on your phone is 25 cents per 0.25 MB…and 0.25 MB is about 10 mobile web sites.

    For example, if you are on the $14.99 60 Minute/Unlimited Text plan, you receive 60 minutes and unlimited text with the plan. If you would also like to access Facebook via the mobile web browser on the phone, you will pay about 35 cents for accessing somewhere between 8-12 Facebook mobile web pages. Note that we support both Facebook IM and access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts from the mobile web (but we do not support text messaging to Facebook/Twitter).

    I hope that helps!


  55. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Senna,

    All phones for the kajeet service must be purchased from kajeet. Any other phone you purchase is going to most likely be locked to the carrier from whom you purchased the phone. (Note also that kajeet phones do not use SIM cards – we use the CDMA network which does not use SIMs).

    Check out our new phone line-up! And if it breaks, note that you can always purchase a refurbished phone to reduce the cost of replacement.


  56. john Says:

    can i trade in my rumor and get a discount on the rumor 2 plzzzzzzz i dont have an extra $189.

  57. Adarg Says:

    Personally, I would like Facebook, but I’m a 14-year-old, so I’m not the best person you wanna be hearing from. lol And besides, Facebook is such a popular site, I don’t think you could get away with making it free.

    Google Maps is great, actually. I’m glad it’s free. But Sports IQ? Not only am I not a big sports guy, but I just don’t feel like it’s worth taking the place of some other site that could be much better. Some kind of weather service should most definitely be in the place of Sports IQ, i.e: The Weather Channel? I don’t really care about Dictionary; I mean, it can be useful at certain times, I guess.

    So yeah. In review: Google Maps, some kind of mobile weather service, and Dictionary would be great free sites.

  58. Carol Ford Says:

    Hi Carol,

    I am still confused on the price structure for the mobile web. The $.35 gets you 10 mobile web sites and 2-3 web pages. Does that mean if I go to a regular website and click on 4 or 5 different links that I would get charged about $.70 just for that visit? And if I go on another page later in the day I’ll incur more charges? Just trying to be clear.

    I am looking forward to some bundled Mobile Web pricing as that will help appeal to my friends who are looking for new cell phones – not just for their kids. I like the $50/month unlimited text/talk plan and am thinking of switching to it myself but I really like my Blackberry – it keeps me on time for appointments:) Do you think you’ll carry those in the future?

    As for kid friendly Mobile web sites – Nickelodeon has one – wap.nick.com. That appeals to the fun factor.

    arbookfind.com doesn’t have a mobile site but it helpful when at the library looking for Accelerated Reader book information.

  59. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Carol,

    Yes – $.35 is about 10 mobile web sites. That means if you visit 50 mobile web sites you will spend about $1.75. Sites not formatted for a mobile are more expensive – and they are sites that most people would be very unlikely to use on a consistent basis. This is because the user experience would be such that they are not convenient to use on the mobile (having been designed for a full PC). We will be offering bundles in addition to this pay as you go option in the future!

    The vast majority of smartphones (e.g., Android, Blackberry, etc.) are tied to contract plans because these plans subsidize the phone cost, however, they tie users to a 2 year contract and charge hefty termination fees (e.g., Verizon has just increased their contract termination fees for Smartphone contracts to $350. Don’t lose that phone!). However, smartphones are beginning to fall into interesting price ranges and we will see an increasing number on contract-free plans in the future.

  60. Dan Says:

    Regarding mobile websites – I’m surprised that you don’t have a mobile version of Kajeet.com. I tried to browse it recently to add funds to a kid wallet and it was unusable on the small screen. Any plans for one?

  61. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Dan,

    We don’t yet have a mobile version – it is on the list! We have prioritized the mobile implementation for kids and kajeet.com on the fixed web for parents, as that is the majority of use. We will put together an expanded version of MyKajeet for parents to use on their own handsets in the future.


  62. Gina Says:

    We just got a kajeet phone for our son and are continuing to learn more about it. Is it possible to preview ringtones before purchasing them? My husband and I have phones with this capability but we can’t seem to figure it out on this one. If this isn’t possible will you ever have this capability?

  63. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Gina,

    We do not have the capability to preview ringtones before purchase. We have planned to support this with a storefront accessible from kajeet.com (which would be accessible by a PC for previews). This would allow kids to search for and preview ringtones from the web.

    Having said this, we have made a decision to prioritize parent-oriented capabilities on kajeet.com for the near term. For example, over the next quarter we will be enhancing some of the parental controls and plan purchasing mechanisms). For the kids, we have focused on releasing a number of new handset features (e.g., the new mobile web categories). We would like to get to this – but there are definitely a number of things on front of this on the product plan.


  64. David Says:

    Can you use a Virgin Mobile Rumor II on Kajeet?

  65. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    It is not possible to purchase a phone from another service provider and activate it on kajeet. Most mobile service providers in the US make money only on selling services – not on selling handsets. As a result, they “lock” the phones to their networks. This means you must purchase handsets from the service provider you plan to use.

    At kajeet, we have elected to sell our phones at market rates and offer a very low price for monthly service. We have found that some parents are willing to splurge for that Rumor or Rumor 2 and others just want a cost-effective $20 handset. But all parents (and many of the rest of the population!) want to limit that monthly spending – and eliminate overage costs – that quickly add up. With a $19.99 texting plan (unlimited text with 150 minutes/month) or a $14.99 texting plan (unlimited text with 60 minutes/month), you can quickly save a lot with kajeet!

    That Rumor 2 is on sale now! With free shipping!

  66. Tadasha Says:

    If i find a Kajeet phone on ebay for cheaper than is on here, can i get it and activate it from kajeet?

  67. David Says:

    Sorry, I thought you might have been related through the sprint network.

    But What are the differences in the Rumor and the Rumor 2, besides cosmetic differences?

  68. Carol Politi Says:

    H David,

    The Rumor2 does bring with it several nice improvements. One is that there is an added row of number keys – this is in my opinion the biggest improvement as it limits keystrokes for many functions. A second improvement that heavy texters will really like is the threaded texting feature. This allows you to better follow the history of your conversations with specific people.


  69. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Tadasha,

    Absolutely. Any kajeet phone can be activated on the kajeet service – and there are good deals on kajeet products on ebay! kajeet even operates a kajeet ebay store here.


  70. smoorthy Says:

    facebook.com, twitter.com, email (yahoo,gmail,hotmail etc.) chatting (yim, aim, msn etc.)

  71. David Says:

    If you are still looking for suggestions, what if you include the free sites, and make it where people can choose three free sites themselves through their account.

  72. lsc828 Says:

    It would be awesome if Gmail was one of the free sites being that so many people use it. Aside from that, Twitter or Facebook would also be nice, although for me it’s not as imperative.

  73. sonia Says:

    Do you have you have anything on this website that could convince my parents to buy me a phone? Anything that would really convince strict parents?

  74. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Sonia,

    Every family is different, and some feel kids need phones earlier than others based on the number of kids in the family, where they live, the logistics everyone is juggling, etc. Most parents frankly have pretty definite ideas about this topic and I’m not sure there is much any website can do to help you get one earlier! Some recommendations: be responsible, work hard at school, and set good limits for yourself in all areas. If you want something (not just a phone), show how it will help your family and how you will earn it.

    There is no right answer on the age for getting a phone. At kajeet, we see some kids get them in elementary and middle school, but plenty of kids don’t get a phone until high school or beyond. If your parents don’t want you to get a phone, just wait it out and focus on the areas where you all agree. It seems like a big deal now – but in a few short years I’m sure you will be headed to college and work – you will have plenty of time for phones.


  75. Cathay Murry Says:

    I think unlimited picture messaging should be a part o the lower cost plans. When my children got their phones they were disappointed that they would have to pay extra for picture messaging…..

    Will there be?

  76. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Cathay,

    We are not going to add picture messaging into the unlimited texting plans at this time. When we researched these plans we found that a lot of our customers do not want picture messaging for their kids. In fact, a good number shut it off entirely. If we include it we would have to increase the price of the plans, and they just fit into the budget for many families.

    To accommodate both sets of customers (those that really want pictures and those that really don’t!), we elected to price our unlimited texting plans at a very fair price. Those customers that want to use picture messaging can add this on for a reasonable fee.


  77. peace Says:


  78. Carol Politi Says:

    All websites are allowed! You just need to turn “open internet” ON. To do this, log into kajeet.com, and go to “Configurator”, “FeatureManager”.

  79. Emily Says:

    I use facebook frequently. If I get unlimited text, can I use facebook texts? I do not mean facebook mobile,which I would be charged for from my wallet.

  80. Carol Politi Says:


    You can use Facebook Mobile, but not Facebook text (which uses short codes that are not supported by the kajeet service).


  81. Emily Says:

    Hi! How do I access these free sites from my LG rumor?

  82. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Emily,

    Anyone can access the free web sites after launching the browser on the phone (go into your Menu and look for the Internet browser). You will enter the kajeet “Navigator” which is our mobile internet services. Scroll down and you will see all the mobile internet options, including the free sites.


  83. Kaylee Says:

    I have a Kajeet phone right now, and I like it the only problem is that i Want unlimited picture messageing since I send and recieve alot of pictures. Also I love to use the web. I wish there was some Picture messageing + web plan out..

  84. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Kaylee,

    Thanks for your feedback. You will see some additional features this year, but the lower priced unlimited texting plans are likely to remain text only. This is to support parents that do not want pictures and would prefer not to have to pay a higher price to include unlimited pictures in the plans. Sounds as though we may want a small add-on “unlimited picture” bundle or something for all the plans. Product has this feedback!


  85. Lea Says:

    hi i would like to know if you can use short codes such as for american idol voting or donatingto haiti thanks a bunch

  86. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Lea, Thanks for your post. American Idol cell phone voting is limited to only one carrier! However, you can call in your vote to American Idol and of course this works! We are looking into ways we can support other short codes while still supporting the service controls our parents require. This is a current work in progress. Carol

  87. Demilo Says:

    If you set it to full internet access are kids able to access ALL sites? And if so how much? And how do you charge for stuff? Do we receive a bill or buy cards and add money or what?

  88. Demilo Says:

    and i would also like to know is the information on this site provided for people who run kajeet? just to know if we will be getting some feedback. and ONE MORE QUESION. can i get service anywhere where sprint has service bcuz ur coverage maps arent updated with sprints coverage map.

  89. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Demilo –

    Yes, if your Mobile Web permissions are set to allow Open Internet, you are able to access all websites. All sites outside of the ones we provide for free incur a $0.35 per 0.25MB charge and each 0.25MB expires 24 hours after purchase. To use Mobile Web, you need to have money in your kid wallet, as that’s where the funds are drawn. Hope that helps!

  90. Jill Tecler Says:

    Anything that shows as being covered by the Sprint network will also work for kajeet (note that this does not include roaming).

  91. Brandon Says:

    I had a kajeet before and I loved the service. But I recently switched to virgin mobile to get unlimited web. But virgin mobile has been giving me texting problems this whole time so I was wondering if i should switch back to kajeet. I want to, cause I like their new samsung seek, and has easy access to facebook, and twitter. I would really like to see a plan that includes a unlimited texting, AND unlimited web too. Includded in one plan. I think that this will be more popular for the preteens and teens like myself.

  92. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Brandon –

    Thanks for your feedback! I’ll be sure to share this with our product team. Make sure you keep checking the blog for updates.

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