New Plans!

November 16, 2009

by Carol Politi


Check out the new rate plans that are available to all kajeet customers!  The graphic on the left shows a few of the popular options.  If you scroll down on the rate plan page you will see the entire range of options available.  Current customers can login at and go to Talk and Text Paks to purchase one of these new plans.  (Our customer care – 1-866-452-5338 – can also help you decide which plan is best for you.)

The new options include an expanded set of Unlimited Texting Plans as well as Voice and Text-only plans.  There are great options here for both first time phone users as well as kids that love to text and talk – and even for those parents that keep asking us if they can start using the kajeet plan.  (Sure beats the $350 termination fee just introduced by Verizon for Smartphones!).

Here is a summary of the popular unlimited plan options:

  • $14.99 – Unlimited Texting & 60 Talk minutes/month
  • $19.99 – Unlimited Texting and 150 Talk minutes/month
  • $29.99 – Unlimited Texting and 300 Talk minutes/month
  • $50 – Unlimited Talk and Text!

The above are all automatically renewing plans, which means you need to purchase them with a credit or a debit card (prepaid cards will also work).

In addition to the above, we still offer the $4.99 Talk Plan which is a great value for first time phone buyers.  The plan delivers access for the month – including unlimited use of kajeet Parental Controls and free kid-centric mobile internet sites – with additional Talk for only $.10/minute and Text for only $.10/message.  The $9.99 Night and Weekend Pak is also still available as a bolt on to all these Plan options.  If you purchase the N&W Pak you will get an additional 1,000 minutes starting at 7 PM!

There are also voice and text-only bundles available.  Check out the details on the rate plan page at  (Again, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the full array of plans available.)

Please comment here to let us know what you think of the new plan options.

15 Responses to “New Plans!”

  1. john Says:

    WHAT ABOUT A NEW PHONE its realy weird when you first go to the kajeet web site their advertizment is about their phones AND i saw a LG RUMOR 2 IN THE FIRST SLIDE so is it true that they are geting them if so how about a trade in ofer like if i trade my rumor AND $45 for a rumor 2 THAT IS WHAT I CALL SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. john Says:

    why does it say its 11:27 when its 6:45 i live in maryland

  3. Carol Politi Says:

    Good eyes John. Our graphics may be ahead of our phone store:) Given that we are pay as you go without a contract, it is tough for us to extend upgrade offers. However, we do sometimes buy back good quality phones to keep them out of landfills – I will talk with our marketing department on this. Any buy back programs would be emailed out to the email address you have on your account profile.

  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Because we had it set to the incorrect time zone:) Thanks for pointing this out.

  5. Todd Says:

    1. I live in Winchester, Kentucky. Your site tells me that my son would receive service in only part of Winchester. We live in the 40391 zip area and there is also a 40392 zip. Winchester is a fairly small city, why would he not receive service in all of Winchester? The two zips are so close this concerns me as far as getting him one and then not being able to use it.

  6. Todd Says:

    2. If I purchased one for him, when does it have to be activated? Can it be activated when he gets it for Christmas or does the plan have to be purchased the same time I order the phone?

  7. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for contacting kajeet & your interest in purchasing a phone for your son. I’ve asked our customer care to reach out to you to talk to you about your specific questions on the service and coverage map. With regard to activation, you may purchase a phone any time and wait to activate it at Christmas. This way you don’t have to pay for a plan that you will not be using for several weeks. I might, however, activate the phone just a few days prior to Christmas Day so that he can use it as soon as he opens the phone.

  8. Samuel Says:

    I would like to see the Blackberry Curve added as a phone choice. that would be really cool.

  9. Haleigh Says:


  10. Haleigh Says:

    also ya i think it does prove they r getting the lg rumor 2 idk if i want to keep my rumor or get the rumor 2………..? i like the continous text message streaming on the rumor 2 tho……but i have the blue lg rumor and i LOVE the color its AMAZZZZZING!

  11. Pete Says:

    IM and MMS should be included in the text packs (like Virgin Mobile offers) .

  12. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    First, we will definitely introduce bundled mobile internet options for our heavier users. Having said this, our casual use price for the kajeet mobile web is actually less than many cell phone providers – and we charge in increments of .25MB (not per MB). E.g., I just spot checked the Virgin Mobile plans – their mobile web price is $1.50 per MB. In this case it seems you must purchase a full MB – which means you are charged a minimum of $1.50 for each use. The kajeet plan allows customers to purchase .25 MB – much smaller increments – at the price of only $1.40 per MB.

    How much is this? I’ve been using it pretty consistently on my 2700 – primarily for Yahoo Mail, weather, and Google Mobile (news, etc.) when away from the PC. I’ve been charged between $.35 and $.70 per day of use (only when I use it) for this type of casual use. If one was using it every day this would amount to about $15/month. However, if you assume a more typical use pattern of 50% of the time – that’s about $7-8/month for email, weather, and news.

    Now, on your messaging question. We realize that some other providers include IM and MMS in their unlimited messaging plans. We don’t include IM and MMS in our unlimited plans because many parents do not want to make these services available for their kids – and most are very price conscious on the services they purchase. We have elected to price our unlimited texting plans at aggressive price points with text only – this allows all of our customers (including those that prefer to turn off picture messaging and IM) to get service at a very affordable price point. Note that on kajeet, for $14.99/month, you are getting not only unlimited texting but also 60 minutes!!! And for $19.99 you receive unlimited texting and 150 minutes!!! Compare this with other providers and I think you will find that you can send IMs and MMS and still save money with kajeet.


  13. David Says:

    Can you use a Virgin Mobile LG Rumor II on Kajeet?

  14. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi David,

    No. If Virgin Mobile sells a Rumor II, they really need to get the service revenue from it to cover their cost of selling the device (most cell phone carriers do not make money when they sell a device – they make money on selling services). As a result, almost all cell phones are “locked” to the carrier that sells the phone and won’t work on another carrier.


  15. Diane Says:

    What KAJEET has that no other cell service provider is able to fulfill are the children phones. If the parent plan has free child-phone location web-browsing then this would be PERFECT! I could forgo the open ended web feature if the parent plan included free the child-phone tracker/locator gps for their own family plan.
    MetroPCS is your competition ($50/month, no contract, unlimited calling, texting, web browsing). If you can provide unlimited calling, texting, and the child-tracker service for $50, I would happily do the switch to your parent-plan.

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