Not So Boring Monday! Rumor2 & Cyber Monday Sale

November 29, 2009

by Carol Politi

Why not so boring?  First, the Rumor 2 has arrived!   It has some great features – including threaded texting and an extra row of keys on the QWERTY keyboard.  (Ships Monday, December 7th).  Plus we have an array of Rumor 1 phones in great colors – check them out here.

Plus, you get 15% off on Cyber Monday on any purchases at kajeet.com (that’s 15% off any time tomorrow, 11/30/09).  Includes the new Rumor 2!  Free shipping on all orders.  Make sure to use promo code 15MONDAY at checkout to get your 15% off.



7 Responses to “Not So Boring Monday! Rumor2 & Cyber Monday Sale”

  1. jake Says:

    Hey Kajeet you should come out with a touch screen phone. you shoulds have one in your arsenal because that what kids want.

  2. samuela Says:

    yea i agree with jake, can you bring the Rumor 2 price down a little. My dad is a little cheap. THXZ!!

  3. john Says:

    touch screen wow iam not talking black berry but a little somthing. to just lower the rumor 2 price plzzzz thxz!!!!!

  4. neicee nichole Says:

    yeahh ! im like 143 and i can’t get a job, so my parents, [too strict], are making me buy my own phone… gosh, and i REALLY love the rumor 2, and i’d definatly buy it if it was a little more affordable. but, i have an off the topic question. the sanyo 2700, are you able to bluetooth songs with your friends off of it ?

  5. neicee nichole Says:

    i mean im 13, not 143 ! haa

  6. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi – With the Sanyo, you can bluetooth contacts – but not songs. The Rumor has the music player, removable memory, and more full track capabilities. Having said that, I use the Sanyo 2700 and it is a great texting phone.

  7. hailey Says:

    hi, I am looking at the rumor 2 and it is only in black =( are you going to come out with some more ciolors? i also agree u should lower the price…do u think that will happen? thanks =)

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