kajeet for Parents?

December 8, 2009

by Carol Politi

We hear all the time from parents interested in getting service from kajeet for themselves.  They have kajeet for their kids, like the phones, want a service without a contract, and would like to manage multiple lines from a single account.   Many adults also like our controls – they want to block certain numbers and stop the phone from waking them up at night!  

The challenge is that our plans are heavy on texting and light on talk.  For good reason!  Kids tend to text far more than they talk.

Well, we are running a test to see if all these parent inquiries really represent interest.   Here are the plans we are testing:

  • 500 anytime minutes and 100 text messages for $19.99
  • 1,000 anytime minutes and 100 text messages for $29.99
  • Unlimited talk and text for $50.00.

All of this with a high quality nationwide digital network that delivers some of the best coverage around.  This test is going to run through January 26th, 2010.

Existing kajeet customers can take advantage of these plans by calling kajeet customer care at 1-866-452-5338.  You do not need to purchase a new handset to take advantage of these plans.  

New customers can purchase any kajeet phone through customer care and ask the care agent to put you on one of these plans.  Customers that want to purchase a new phone can do so through our care sales team at 1-888-525-3383.

Are these plans of interest to you?  We would welcome your feedback!

23 Responses to “kajeet for Parents?”

  1. Alex Says:

    I have to be honest, I think, nowadays, unlimited talk and text for $50 is a bit steep. I mean, there are other companies offering unlimited talk txt AND web for less than that. Obviously their nationwide coverage is NOWHERE close to the sprint network that you guys ride off of, but still, if you had a solid unlimited talk and text for like $30/month (think thats reasonable since no real unlimited 3g web service is offered by kajeet), i would personally sign up for that in a heartbeat. For now, the $20/month plan is what im going to be using, but for an extra $10-$15 more, I would for sure get the extra unlimited talk. I just think $50 is a bit steep considering whats being marketed from a lot of these “other” mom and pop cell phone companies. Otherwise, I can’t wait to finally get my phone and sign up lol

    Kajeet is ideal to me because you embrace the small business framework, have great customer support, and I am not dealing with some faceless, greedy corporation. Since I started watching this site, the deals and plans and phones have changed many times, for the better, because you listen to your community and I think that is something Kajeet is amazing for. Thanks again for continually adapting and trying new ways to market your company and gain more customer base.

  2. Carol Politi Says:


    Thanks for the great feedback. This went right to the product team!


  3. Christian Straight Says:

    My daughter and I primarily use texting to communicate. We’ve discovered that cell phone voice is too messy, we tend to spend a lot of time saying “what?” to each other (due background noise, misunderstood sentences, poor reception) to communicate important messages like when she left school and when she arrived at her friends house. Also the voice phone requires that I pick up the phone in order for her to send a simple but important message – if I miss the call then she has to either wait for me to pick-up or leave a voicemail, I may not even see the voicemail notification for several hours.

    We’ve implemented a system of communicating “departure” and “arrival” messages using very short messages which are timestamped on twitter. Other trusted parents follow my daughter on her private twitter so they get the messages as well as I do. She doesn’t have to wait for me to receive her phone call (*** of course, this doesn’t stop us from calling each other just to chit-chat ***) to let me and her support group know she’s left or has arrived or any other multicast message.

    Unfortunately, kajeet doesn’t support SMS numbers and won’t allow the twitter 40404 SMS code to be used – so we have moved to another (less diserable) carrier which does allow sending text messages via SMS codes.

    We love kajeet, but for this one really important communication channel that we use constantly. We’ll be more than happy to get back to kajeet as soon as they allow the twitter SMS code to be used. Otherwise we’re stuck with the lumbering dinosaur of the “regular” cell phone carriers.

    And, the trend I’m noticing is our texting usage is starting to significantly offset the voice mail usage – this is totally in line with kajeet trends, kids or not. We used perhaps 5% of our allocated voice minutes last month versus went over the 200 text message limit by 442 messages over the same time. This point is more aimed at the new kajeet test service plans mentioned above… It actually looks like de-evolution as the trend appears to more texting and less voice (for the reasons I’ve mentioned above).

    The point is I’m not sure the premise is true that only kids are heavily into texting. As a grown-up, I and most of my friends, use texting quite heavily.


  4. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the detailed feedback. More and more parents are becoming heavy texters and I hope our traditional kajeet plans are perfect for those parents! We have also heard from parents that wanted more voice options on kajeet – i.e., they wanted more voice-centric options so they could manage their own line on the kajeet family dashboard. Some of these parents would would like to replace their landline phone entirely. We are watching to see if people really add these lines to determine if these voice-centric plans solve a need. (Note that we are not changing our unlimited text plans – they are all still available).

    I’m sorry to hear that the kajeet service does not support the great twitter system you have set up. We do block short codes at the moment – primarily because we can’t filter them at this time and allowing open short codes was a concern for many of our customers. We have erred on the conservative side at the moment and do want to find a way to filter these.)


  5. Larry C Says:

    I agree with the other two posters – the $19 plan is a nice pricepoint; the $50 plan not so much as it doesn’t appear to include any data. If you’re targeting adults, you should offer a data option.

    To this point, you’re also going to need to offer a smart phone option. Heck, how about a ‘bring your own phone’ option like some of the other MVNOs?

  6. Lynne Says:

    LOVE the $50 for unlimited text and talk..perfect for a 12 year old!!!!

  7. john Says:

    alot of kid wnt a touch screen now iam not talking black berry but a little somthing or a dual-slider (a phone that slide two ways) maybe like the exclip.or just lower the rumor 2 price so that all the costumors will be able to pick a phone for them.

  8. Carol Politi Says:


    We would like to be able to do a bring your own phone! This part of the business is an expense to us. We don’t have that flexibility in the near term.

    I’ve let product know the feedback on data. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


  9. Haleigh Says:

    i agree with the touchphones and smart phones i had my lg rumor for a year and so many problems have occured with it and the the lg rumor 2 is just way out of price range…..too expensive for a phone like that. i mean if u come out with a touchscreen phone it will probably be like 500 or something. and honestly, i dont think many can afford tht

  10. Alex Says:

    I still think Kajeet should offer a plan with unlimited text/talk for like $30/month without the option of data. Make the $50/month option include unlimited data usage also, so everyone can be happy. I think to be the most competitive mom and pop cell phone providers out there, you will need to do both. I mean, there are some companies offering unlimited everything for $35/month, but obviously not on the sprint network, so I would be willing to take the hit on the data usage to use your service above theirs. So let the product team know, the people have spoken😀

    Plus Kajeet rocks my socks, what more can I say, lol.

  11. Mike L. Says:

    The $19.99 500voice/100text package is a perfect solution for my wife who struggles with texting and would rather talk. She needs 300-500 minutes for calls throughout the day but can still receive or send important texts to our daughter. I communicate mostly by text (through cell phone or computer) with my daughter about after school activities and pickup times. I rarely use 200 cell messages a month (most I do through computer) so I use an ATT GoPhone 200 messages package for $4.99. The current packages from Kajeet are okay but the initial investment for a qwerty phone adds significantly to the overall first yearly cost. If I could find a package for my wife and one for me that doesn’t cost much more than our land line I would be more inclined to do the exchange. If there was some flexibility in the way the plans was structured would also help to defray overage charges and stick to a firm monthly budget. If the user could decide how the total (of 500 minutes and 100 texts =600) could be allocated (ex:300 call/ 300 texts or 400 call/ 200 texts,) I would be more inclined to sign up for more than one phone. Anyways just adding my two cents for what it is worth. Also to Christian and Kajeet support, I use Google Voice to have messages sent to multiple phones and it will even leave voice messages on Google Voice’s web site. You can have one registered number with Google Voice that then allows your calls to be forwarded to several registered phone numbers, i.e., when the number is dialed all the registered phones will ring until someone picks up their phone or the call goes to an answering machine. Also if your daughter texts to the Google number it will be sent to all registered phone numbers that can receive texts and also Google Voice’s web site so that monitoring her whereabouts can be done by a cell phone on the go or by following her on a computer through Google Voice’s web site. I have been using it for months with great results. Initial setup takes some time but well worth the effort because you never miss an important call no matter whom it is from. This is one way to get around the short SMS number limitations that Kajeet has and that I would prefer they maintain so texting to unimportant or frivolous TV, radio or web sites doesn’t become a habitual waste of time. Hope that helps, Mike

  12. Misty Says:

    Shoot I am thinking of grabbing 4 phones.. 1 for both my older kids & 1 for my husband & myself. My husband & I text message all day so the lack of minutes wouldnt be an issue. It would be nice if maybe you can have a plan that would allow only a few minutes like normal, but have if you are talking to people on YOUR Kajeet account, it is free. So we would have to be able to link our accounts but then we can talk to each other for free kwim? I would DEF. buy it if it was cheap enough.. I am into the Unlimited Text for the 4 of us for now.. Deals on multiple accounts would be great too. even if it is just like x amount off… or even like a free app download per phone or x amount per family.. so then we can get games & ringtones for free or something.. just ideas😉

  13. Deborah Says:


    I have an idea, assuming It’s not already part of the parent pack.
    My idea is to add GPS locater as an option to the parent pack.
    The reasons: People who get lost for any reason, could call someone who has pass code info to help them, or if they have web access can check for them self. For people who like to hike severe trails like me, and might get lost I have the following question. Does GPS tracking work sometimes when the cell doesn’t-in other words does it require line of site? For any family member who is too hurt to call (long distance family member could check on them if the haven’t left the house, and this is not there pattern, especially if they don’t answer their home phone. Also useful with family members who have dementia. Although there is always the pat entail for abuse as long a the adult has the ability to access there features, and turn off GPS tracking it would be properly be OK. Also, if they were notified on their every once in a while that they where being tracked, or perhaps immediately that would be good too.

  14. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    Thanks for your feedback. GPS locator is already an option for people that purchase the parent pack. It will only work when the cell phone is within the calling area as it does use the network to communicate the location back to the website. We do find it is used for a variety of reasons other than locating a child’s phone – including people concerned about elderly relatives. There is a notification provision, and you do need to confirm that you want your phone to be located before the service can be enabled for your phone.


  15. Anthony Says:

    I like the service. And I have my daughter and myself on kajeet plan. $50 plan is great and I opt for that. I was paying $140 prior too Att every month, got tired of that. Att are ripoffs with minute plans and all. Anyway It would be great if Kajeet can market a phone for adults? I check time too time too see if a different phone geared for adults becomes available.

  16. Carol Politi Says:

    Thanks for being a customer Anthony. We are really happy the service is working for you and your daughter.

    We are looking to introduce a wider breadth of handsets – stay tuned as I will talk about any new handsets we offer on this blog.

  17. Blaine Says:

    Late to this conversation — and I see that this Parent Plan is no longer being offered — but is it going to be again soon? My wife and son both have Kajeet accounts, and I JUST ordered a Kajeet phone but have not switched my old account yet. Literally, I got my Kajeet phone two days ago.

    Is it at all possible to sign up for one of these Parent Plans? The $20 500 minute/100 text plan sounds almost perfect for me.

    I was paying more than this to Verizon for their minimum 100 minute pay-as-you-go plan, after years of 2-year contract plans which kept getting more expensive but not offering options I wanted. Apparently being a loyal customer for half a decade doesn’t really mean much to them. Everything they offered me was “up-selling” to way more minutes, and much higher priced plans, than I ever needed. It was crazy.

    I hate to say this, but I’ve felt cheated by how I’ve been treated by former phone companies. And all of the other major companies I’ve looked at offer plans seemingly designed to confuse everything, lock me in as a customer as opposed to make me feel loyal, and “nickel and dime” (and quarter and dollar!) me to death with hidden charges and “gotchas”.

    Kajeet offers rational, simple, and understandable plans, designed to work with me, not against me. Kajeet — you are a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

  18. Carol Politi Says:

    Hi Blaine,

    You can get on any of these plans if you call care and let them know which plan you are on. They will eventually make it to kajeet.com so you can select them on-line, but we are not there yet at this point. Contact care at: 1-866-452-5338


  19. Karina Says:

    I have a Kajeet plan and I love it except for that I’d like to see some smartphones or touchsreen phones. As a 14 year old thats what teens are looking for and I’d think it would draw in more people.

  20. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Karina –

    I’m glad to hear you’re so happy with kajeet!

    Getting new phone models is something we’re always working on – and this includes smart phones and those with touch screens. Thanks for the feedback!

  21. clara Says:

    I bought Kajeet for my grandson who is 7 so we can always locate him when he goes out to play, and we can also tell him to come home without yelling down the street. I is awesome.

    Now I’m thinking I might want Kajeet also I have Cricket at this time and I’m not satisfied. Does Kajeet work around the country? Does it have internet access?

  22. Jill Tecler Says:

    Hi Clara –

    Glad to hear you are so happy with your grandson’s kajeet service!

    Kajeet offers nationwide coverage. If you view our Service Plans page, you can see what our coverage looks like in the areas you’re most interested in. And, yes, you can access the web on any kajeet handset. We offer free access to a few websites, including Weather.com, Dictionary.com and Google Maps; other sites incur a $0.35 per 0.25MB charge. Hope that helps!

  23. clara Says:

    yes thank you, I may look into getting Kajeet for myself.

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