Parenting Picks Kajeet!

August 5, 2010

Feeling frustrated when it comes to deciding the right time to give your kid a cell phone?

You’re not alone. It’s a challenge that parents in today’s world can’t seem to avoid. It’s also the reason that Parenting gathered a panel of experts together to develop their Guide to Tech Gear for Kids, a list of selected products ideal for easing kids (and their parents) into the digital age. And one of the services highlighted is kajeet!

The Parenting panel liked how kajeet’s family-focused parental controls allow moms and dads to set limits on calls, texts and times when the phone can be used. They also liked the built-in GPS Phone Locator service (free for the first month for new accounts!) and kajeet’s low priced plans. We’re excited to be acknowledged by this panel of experts!

kajeet – the cell phone service made for kids

2 Responses to “Parenting Picks Kajeet!”

  1. Loena Pogue Says:

    I noticed that it is stated that games can be down loaded from the internet-are those games free, if not what is the average charge. I would also like to know if the phone comes with games already to go. I noticed also that texting is free, are the minutes used while the child is playing games on the phone?

    Thank You,
    Loena Pogue

  2. rmcburney Says:

    Hi Loena,

    Unfortunately, our phones do not come with games pre-loaded and the majority of games are not free. The average cost for a game is around $5. There are a few free games that are older, but you will have to pay to download all of the new games available. I hope this helps!

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