Cell Phones Causing your Kids to Lose Sleep? Take Back Control with our TimeManager!

January 7, 2011

“This is the world we live in, what can you do?” – Anonymous Parent

The above quote sheds a lot of truth about the difficulties parents are having with controlling their children’s technology usage. It’s tough for parents these days, a lot of us have to make adjustments on the fly, mainly because technology moves at such a rapid pace and it’s hard to keep up! From cell phones to TV to laptops to their PSP, it is certainly a different world to grow up in as they are constantly surrounded by high-powered technology. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, a recent survey has come out with some statistics that could potentially lead to some disturbing consequences.

Doctors at the JFK Sleep Disorders Center in New Jersey recently came out with a survey that concluded kids send an average of 34 texts per night after “going to bed.” Eeek! Additionally, their results show that many kids sleep with their phones by their side (you probably already knew this), and are often awoken during the night by a text or phone call, thus causing serious sleep loss – a major problem that can be very scary for parents! Not getting enough sleep can lead to several problems for tweens and teenagers such as irritability, drop in critical thinking skills, mood swings, and even anxiety. I hope I am not scaring you too much! I just wanted to make sure you have the facts, for a wise mom once said, parents need to be geniuses on the topic of their children’s lives!

Young pups need their sleep!

What’s a parent to do? It is a tough issue to handle for sure…but we can help! If your kid has a kajeet phone, you are able to use the TimeManager parental control to setup time blocks to limit when the phone can be used. With this great parental control, you have the ability to turn off phone usage at night and turn it back on in the morning. Pretty handy! Your children might not like it today, but they will hopefully thank you for the extra sleep later on (and by later I mean in 20 years when they have kids of their own)!

As a parent, what else can you do to prevent sleep-loss? We want to hear your ideas!

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