Transferring iTunes Music on Your kajeet Android(TM) Smartphone

November 26, 2012

Hello fellow Kajeet users — I have been a Kajeet user for four years now, and just last year I got a new AndroidTM phone from Kajeet.  I was ecstatic, and I soon grew to love my new phone with all its apps and internet access.  However, as an Apple iTunes user as well, I became disappointed because I thought I would not be able to play my iTunes songs on my Android phone.  I thought I needed an iPhone to do that.  After a few months without even trying to put iTunes music onto my phone, I decided to try it. When I plugged my AndroidTM phone into my computer, I realized that my phone looked like a USB drive on my computer, which meant that I could copy files from my computer to my phone.  I tried copying the songs from iTunes in my iTunes Music folder onto my Kajeet AndroidTM phone, and it worked.  It was pretty easy!

To get my music files to my phone, all I had to do was  follow these steps:

1.  Plug my Kajeet android phone into my computer with the USB connector that you can pull out of the phone charger

2.  Once I plugged my phone into my computer, I pressed the button that said “Turn on USB storage”. Then my computer started scanning my phone for viruses and started to download some of my files.

3.  I could also see my phone connection in the Finder (since I was using a Mac), where my Android phone was called “NO NAME” like a USB drive.  I clicked on “NO NAME”  and all of the things I had on my phone came up.  There were folders for Apps, Settings, Music, Photos and everything else I had stored on my phone.

4.  I clicked on the Music folder to show all the music on my phone, which at that time, was nothing.

5.  Next, I opened the iTunes app on my computer and created a playlist in iTunes with all the songs I wanted to copy to my phone

6.  Then I copied all the songs from my iTunes playlist by dragging and dropping them into the Music folder on my phone.  Alternatively, you can also copy the song files individually from the iTunes Music folder on your computer to the Music folder on your phone.

7.  After copying the music files to my phone, I ejected my phone from the computer and I had all the music from my iTunes account available to play on my phone.  Awesome!

Now, whenever I want to add more music from iTunes to my AndroidTM phone, I just plug my phone into my computer with the USB cable, open up my Music folder on the phone and drag/copy the new song from iTunes to the Music folder on my phone.  This seems to work for all AAC and MP3 format music files in iTunes.  There is also an AndroidTM app I have used called  AirSync (made by DoubleTwist) that syncs my iTunes music library with my AndroidTM phone.  It seems to work pretty well.  My other recommendation is to make sure you get enough memory on your phone to hold all your songs and apps.

Now that I have figured out how to put all of my songs from iTunes onto my Kajeet AndroidTM phone, I am even more happy with the service that Kajeet provides.

Matt – an avid Kajeet user – 15 yrs old

Kajeet, the smart phone for kids

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.

4 Responses to “Transferring iTunes Music on Your kajeet Android(TM) Smartphone”

  1. abby Says:

    This is so awsome, first i plug in my usb cable connection and than my computer starts to check for viruses and than Than my computer starts downloading itunes it’s so awsome!!!!!!!!!

  2. abby Says:

    This is soo awsome, when i first got this phone, i couldn’t stop playing around with it! it’s so awsome! when i first found out that this phone had itunes on it i was like omg! so i tried it out and it didn’t give me any problems at all.

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