In this local news segment from metro-Atlanta, 11-Alive news highlights the adoption of Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT) in Fayette County Schools.  The report also includes an example of a student who was so dismayed by the policies in his high school and so inspired by mobile technology that he went on to found his own company, the iSchool Initiative.  As CEO of this rapidly expanding entity, he is speaking about students and the use of mobile technology in schools all across the world – while simultaneously completing his graduate degree in Education.


Notably, at the end of the news segment, the question about inappropriate use is raised.  The school district has restricted access to what it considers inappropriate sites on the school WiFi network – but what about the student’s own mobile broadband connectivity?


Kajeet launched School Guard™ specifically to address this concern.  The program is FREE for schools to enroll in and allows the school or district to establish an appropriate use policy and to define their school hours.  Parents can then opt-in to allow the school’s policy to govern what is accessible via Kajeet 3G service!  Kajeet already provides the most robust Parental Controls in the wireless industry and parents are using these controls to manage when and with whom their kids can talk and text – during school or at bedtime, for example.


Now, with Kajeet School Guard™, parents can truly cooperate with their school to ensure appropriate use of a smart phone or tablet during school hours!  Importantly, its free for schools and free for parents on Kajeet!  Schools can sign up now at http://kajeet.com/byod and parents can join Kajeet or enroll their current Kajeet device(s) at http://kajeet.com!


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