by Daniel Neal

The New York Times recently published a fine article on this topic here.

Not every kid needs a cell phone. Parents are, of course, the deciders of that. But a rapidly increasing number of parents are in fact equipping their children with cell phones to improve family logistics, communication and safety.  They may even be helping their children build better and stronger social networks.

One of the things I particularly like about the NYT piece is that it recognizes how widespread kids’ use of cell phones has become, and how we must strive to instill politeness and good matters with our cell phone-using kids (I have two, myself).

We’re proud that kajeet is the only contract-free cell phone service with (free) parental controls.  It is also true, however, that  controls can’t make one’s child act politely.  This requires the setting of good examples, and some effective teaching.  Articles such as this one might just help us do the job.  Perhaps this is a great summer reading assignment?


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