by Carol Politi


The topic of Sexting – sending inappropriate photographs digitally via a child’s cell phone – is becoming a dominant concern for more and more parents.  We are seeing heightened interest in what our customers can do to safeguard their kids against the embarrassment and perhaps even legal issues related to Sexting.

Why this concern?  Fox 59 just did a special report on this topic, and one quote in this report jumps off the page.  “In a recent national study nearly 40% of teenagers said they had sent sexually suggestive texts or pictures of themselves to other minors.”  Statistics such as this one are frightening and push the topic of Sexting on the radar of almost every parent.  The Fox report mentions kajeet and describes the features we provide to help parents ensure children use their cell phones safely.

The Fox report could be a good thing to share with your tween or young teen to inspire a conversation around the topic of Sexting.  It could be worthwhile to find out if they know kids in their school sending inappropriate pictures, to discuss what kind of picture and text messages are appropriate, and to find out if they are aware of how pictures and texts can move from the telephone to the internet in seconds.  Please comment and let us know how you are addressing this topic with your children and whether they feel it is an issue in their schools.


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